Dehui Group Integrity Convention

All cooperating units and individuals are requested to strictly abide by the national anti-corruption laws and regulations and the provisions of the integrity and self-discipline of our group in their business contacts with our group's employees, and to cooperate with the implementation of the anti-corruption and anti-corruption measures of our group. Party B undertakes to ensure that the following does not happen to Party A:
1. It is strictly forbidden to give gifts and gifts to the employees of our group.
2. It is strictly forbidden to give me group staff benefits, handling fees and rebates;
3. It is strictly forbidden to accept any requests made by employees of our group that have nothing to do with business.
4. It is strictly forbidden to give bonuses, shopping cards, securities and valuables to our employees.
5. It is strictly forbidden to invite our employees to travel and entertain.
6. It is strictly forbidden for the employees of our group to reimburse any personal expenses in the partners.
7. It is strictly forbidden for our employees to borrow money, cars, houses, communication tools and valuables from their partners.
8. Other violations of integrity and self-discipline are strictly prohibited.
In the event of the above-mentioned acts, our group has the right to impose 50 times economic penalties on the partners. If the circumstances are serious, our group has the right to cancel the cooperation agreement and compensate all our economic losses by the partners. At the same time, the partners are welcome to supervise. If any violation of the above regulations is found among the employees of our group, we will report it to the audit and supervision department of our group in time. Our group will deal with the violation seriously according to the rules and regulations in accordance with the law.