Xu Lejiang, Vice Minister of the Central United Front Department: Dehui spirit is worth learning from the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce!

Xu Lejiang, Deputy Minister of the Central United Front Department, Secretary of the Party Group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and executive vice-chairman, said after a survey by Dehui Group in Xinjiang on September 29 that Dehui spirit is the spirit to be carried forward by private enterprises in the new era and worth learning by private enterprises throughout the country. Photographed by Zhang Yanqin
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Qian Jinnai: According to the law, I can do this. But the 3,096 businesses were dead.
In the process of post-disaster reconstruction, Dehui Group did not choose to bankruptcy self-insurance, but tried every means to ensure that 3096 businesses suffered losses received 100% relief subsidies.
Secretary Xu Lejiang said that Dehui's post-disaster reconstruction work will be analyzed and promoted as a case in private enterprises throughout the country. The People's Government of the Autonomous Region and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the Autonomous Region have shaped Dehui's spirit of daring to assume responsibility and keeping good faith as the spirit of private enterprises and entrepreneurs. At the same time, the Dehui Party Committee and its key members, who play the leading core role of grass-roots Party organizations and the role of battle fortress at the critical moment of major fire in enterprises, are still affirmed in the spirit of perseverance and dedication in important posts.
Qian Jinnai: If we don't open the marketing window in the Mainland and upgrade its brand, the best wine can only be stuck in the alley.
Xinjiang is rich in resources, and the national craft of southern Xinjiang has been handed down for thousands of years. Dehui began to focus on the good things in southern Xinjiang in 2012, and found that although things are good, most of them are self-produced and self-sold because of lack of channels and remote poverty in the region.
So Dehui Group decided to implement industrial poverty alleviation-holding Asia-Europe Silk Road Garment Festival and Xinjiang Women's Skillful Hands Competition to help Shakemaili Village on a designated basis; excavating "grass-roots enterprises" and "grass-roots talents" to cultivate and equip them with education and entrepreneurship resources; hiring professional teams to unify the design and packaging of Xinjiang's good things. Make a brand LOGO with national characteristics; Xinjiang good animal industry incubation base, gather Xinjiang skilled craftsmen... Dehui tries its best to enhance the value of good things in order to open up marketing channels.
Secretary Xu Lejiang highly appreciated Dehui's precise poverty alleviation model. He said that relying on good things in Xinjiang to win the battle against poverty in the four prefectures of Southern Xinjiang requires strong support from all sectors of society.
"Dehui Group is the most characteristic of all the enterprises visited in China." At the end of the inspection, Secretary Xu Lejiang remembered Germany. In September this year, in September this year, Secretary Xu Lejiang will lead the Vice-Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and private entrepreneurs from the Mainland to come to Xinjiang to discuss and study the good things in South Xinjiang together with Dehui. By excavating the value of good things in South Xinjiang, we can help the four prefectures of South Xinjiang fight well against poverty.
Thank you for the rebirth of the fire.
Dehui people, on the way.