Qian Jinnai

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Qian Jinnai

Yueqing people in Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Chairman, Founder of Dehui Group

National Model Person of Honesty and Credit

Ninth and Tenth National Youth Federation Member / Vice-Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Federation of Industry and Commerce
Executive Vice President of Shanghai Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce / Executive Vice President of Shanghai Enterprises (Chambers of Commerce) Federation
Chairman and Honorary President of Zhenghe Island, Xinjiang Island Neighboring Institutions / Founding President and Honorary President of Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce, Xinjiang
National Excellent Entrepreneurs/Outstanding Representatives of Chinese Private Enterprises / Winners of Zhejiang Business Social Responsibility Award



Character Traits
Hou De - gentleman carries goods with Hou De, which is the core of Wen Shang's cultural spirit. Wen Shang has always respected morality and trustworthiness. He led Dehui to create industry and uphold morality by virtue of great love, loyalty, sincerity and trustworthiness. Virtue gathers all over the world, and virtue enters all over the world! Strictly abiding by ethics is also the core of corporate culture spirit of Dehui.
Struggle - Dehui Group, which he has been striving for more than 30 years, embodies the business wisdom of warmers. Dehui is to do everything possible to gather talents, resources, customers and industries to contribute to the development of the city.
Innovation - He takes Dehui as a leader with the vision of China's leading Eco-Operation experts, takes "cultivating new industries, building new ecology and creating new life" as the mission of the enterprise, upholds the corporate values of "symbiosis, co-creation and sharing", and opens up a better life scene for the city.
Personal Viewpoint
Talent Outlook - the same aspirations, the same Tao, giving the stage, looking at performance, shaping people, high returns. The strategic prospective and future, the core executives to form a joint force, middle-level cadres to have executive power, the learning ability of all staff, four forces into one, in order to form the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Operating concept - the virtuous gather the world, the virtuous rush into the world! To abide by virtue is the core of Dehui people's spirit. In the past, when we met with extreme difficulties, we had to uphold morality, seek the right path, revise our business, operate according to law, pay taxes legally, and resolutely refrain from doing illegal things and from doing things that are ungrateful. To realize this ambition, it is not enough to rely solely on one person. We need a group of warriors who rush to land on the beach and a group of good cadres who conquer the mountains. Therefore, we should take the lead and try our best to ignite the inner fire and spiritual light of Dehui people.
Philosophy of Life - The value of entrepreneurs'existence is to strive constantly, to fight with their lives, and to strive with their heart and soul. Efforts to be helpless, perseveres to move oneself. Diamond is not strong, will is the strongest. Heaven helps those who help themselves, strong ideas and persistent persistence will move God. More importantly, good hearts and good deeds are just like deposit banks. If you want more self-interest, you need more self-interest. Only when you balance altruism and self-interest can you be happy. Only when altruism reaches a certain height can a career succeed.
Amateur life
Love photography, place oneself on famous mountains and rivers, express one's mind with lens in traveling, and keep entrepreneurs curious about the world.
Love badminton, tennis and other ball games, every day will concentrate on sports and fitness, to maintain the vitality and fighting power of entrepreneurs.
The most attractive and concentrated feature of scrambling eggs lies in the change, which is the variable between the Interbrand combinations. This change of thinking and reform is the essence of change, which is similar to the enterprise management.

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