As an important industrial sector in the Group's 3.0 strategic transformation, Dehui Education Plate takes higher education as its core, adheres to the concept of "educating talents to export, talents to keep up with industry", combines applied technology universities with industrial incubation, makes deep-production, research and innovation, and integrates intensive production and education, and lays out a multi-point layout throughout the country, and runs through all education. Department, linkage education, incubation, application of various industrial chain links. Dehui education trains applied talents with "high level, innovative consciousness and internationalization" for local industries by implementing the concept of integration of industry and education and cooperation between China and foreign countries; integrates advanced research results and industrial resources of domestic and foreign universities through university + incubation platform, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of regional industries.


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University of Applied Technology

      As the first higher education school of Dehui education, Dehui Applied Technology University of Qidong is characterized by integration of industry and education and cooperation between China and foreign countries. It fully taps educational culture and industrial resources of Qidong and Nantong, and is committed to becoming the driving force for regional development and industrial upgrading.

      Qidong Dehui Applied Technology University is located in the new town of Qidong Dehui. It covers an area of 700 Mu and has 20,000 students. Campus is planned and designed by well-known American architects. It is divided into fashionable campus, creative campus, art campus, classical campus and ecological campus. It pays attention to the organic combination of campus and ecology and takes people as the center, providing students with comfortable, safe and inspiring teaching places and living environment. The school's disciplines and specialties are closely related to the development needs of the real estate industry, focusing on the construction of biomedical engineering, new materials, high-end textiles, modern logistics, kindergarten health care, hotel management and other specialties, serving the major industrial development strategy of "two high and two new" in Qidong, and the healthy cultural and tourism industry of Dehui New Town in Qidong.


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      The school matches the standard rowing track, OP class sailing channel and marathon track, making use of the coastal advantages to provide students with unique national sports curriculum experience.

      In the future, Dehui Education will distribute 10 applied technology universities throughout the country, bring into play the advantages and experience of Dehui Group in linking and cross-border integration, improve the quality of education, improve operational efficiency, and provide a steady stream of professional and technical personnel for regional development.

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Incubation Platform

      Dehui education adopts the mode of university+incubation platform+industry, introduces the top disciplines and majors of the world's top universities, jointly builds laboratories and research institutes, integrates the resources of universities, enterprises and industries, realizes the seamless docking of university research and enterprise development, and achieves a win-win situation of teaching, scientific research and industrial upgrading.



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K12 International Education
      Kaidong Dehui K12 School provides basic education support for Qidong Dehui New Town. Dehui Education introduces international famous educational brand and educational concept. Combining with its many years of international chemical school operation experience and local high-quality basic education resources, it provides a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional education program for the local and even the Yangtze River Delta.

        The school carries out characteristic integration curriculum. The curriculum is based on the national compulsory curriculum, closely linked to the middle school as the body and the western learning as the application, polishing the characteristic fusion curriculum to meet the different development needs of students, and establishing a unique training mode. 
      Dehui education makes full use of its surrounding resources to provide schools with outdoor education bases such as popular ecological science education, water sports, sailing, Equestrian Training and so on, and to give full play to the role of sports in guaranteeing and promoting the healthy growth of adolescents'physical and mental health. And set up relevant characteristic clubs and extracurricular activities to provide students with various forms of word-of-mouth courses, practical activities, professional competitions, overseas exchanges and so on, enrich students'learning life and improve their competitiveness.