Dehui 2.0
Dehui 3.0

Dehui Center

Dehui Industrial Eco-operation 2.0, "Hybrid Oil and Electricity" New Urban Complex, with a total construction area of 550,000 square meters, will transform and upgrade the wholesale market into "Dayue City", creating a multi-functional urban intelligent business circle that integrates wholesale, retail, cultural tourism and community. The project includes Baobao Square, Dehui Wanda Square, May Day Starlight Night Market, Xinjiang Good Things Antenna Shop, etc. It has 750 wholesalers, 450 retail customers, 100 business associations and 150,000 members. It is the largest and second largest urban complex in Xinjiang.

Floor Distribution Map of Dehui Center (Total Area 550,000 square meters) 




On January 28, 2018, Dehui Center opened in a grand way.






North Shanghai-Haihai International Eco-city

Dehui Industrial Eco-operation 3.0, located in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, north of Shanghai, covers an area of 6003 mu, sea area of 8000 mu, the total area of more than 14000 mu. The total development area of the project is 5.8 million feet, with a total investment of 37.6 billion yuan, and the planned development cycle is 8-10 years. It covers 20,000 Chinese-foreign cooperative applied technology universities, campus living and recreation, industrial incubation park, 1600 rooms of China's largest marine ecological hotel, five fishermen's wharfs, coastal commercial districts, quality communities and other formats.





The first phase of development of North Shanghai-Marine International Eco-City covers an area of 1 540 Mu and a building area of 1.48 million square meters. It includes seven key projects: the first phase of Qidong European University of Applied Technology, the first phase of coastal landscape avenue, the first phase of fisherman's wharf, the first phase of canal health zone, ecological coastline management, marine ecological hotels and supporting residential communities. Among them, the first phase of Qidong University of Applied Technology, which combines regional industries, opens five major fields: new subjects, new business subjects, media art, artificial intelligence and health and well-being, trains high-end counterparts in the fields of regional demand, fills the shortage of professional talents, creates convenient conditions for local employment and the gathering effect of talents, thus promoting health and maintenance. Wenlu, real estate and other forms of business go hand in hand.