SINCE 1985

In 1985, Dehui people set out from Eastern China to the northwest frontier and started their own business.

Dehui Group Co., Ltd.

China Dehui Group specializes in industrial ecological operation, which integrates the development and operation of industrial ecology 2.0 and 3.0, the development and operation of good animal eco-industrial chain in Xinjiang, and the integration of Chinese and foreign cooperative production and education with applied technology university. Dehui actively responds to the development strategy of "one belt and one road" and "Yangtze River Delta integration". It adheres to the development concept of "industrial Xingcheng and industrial prosperity", focuses on industrial ecological operation, and converds the strength of the industry to become China's leading industrial ecological operation company, and to create a hundred year Dehui.

Dehui Group was founded in 1985, founded in Zhejiang and Xinjiang, and is now headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai. At present, there are 32 group holding enterprises with total assets of 17.6 billion yuan. In 2018, the total transaction volume is 18 billion yuan, and the self-owned property is 1.2 million square meters. The target is to achieve total assets and transaction volume of 230 billion yuan in 2022.

Over the past 34 years, Dehui's forward-looking and differentiated strategy has led the company's development, nurturing new industries, building new ecology and creating new life. It has developed and operated 16 projects one by one, and constantly upgraded them. The 550,000 Fangde Hui Center has transformed and upgraded the wholesale market into Dayuecheng, and introduced the May Day Starlight Night Market, Mengdao Zoo and Xinjiang Good Things Incubation and Display to form a new business model of "oil and electricity mix" which integrates the functions of wholesale, retail, cultural tourism, community and other functions to push passenger flow, highlighting the creation of business restructuring. The multiplier effect of new vitality and intelligence quotient circle.

Over the years, Dehui Group has won more than 100 national and provincial honors. In 2018, Dehui was selected as the companion article of the Blue Book "Excellent Cases of Social Responsibility of Private Enterprises in China" in the "Report on Social Responsibility of Private Enterprises in China", and only 20 enterprises were selected in the whole country; it was praised as "Advanced Private Enterprises in Employment and Social Security in China"; in July 2018, Xu, Vice-Minister of the Central United Front Department and Secretary of the Party Group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Lejiang praised Dehui after inspecting Dehui: Dehui spirit is the spirit to be carried forward by private enterprises in the new era, and it is worth learning by private enterprises all over the country.


Facing the future, Dehui Group has established a 3.0 strategy to achieve customers, benefit the people and repay the society as its own responsibility, with the mission of "Run the hearts and minds of the people and gather the world", deepening innovation and transformation, focusing on three major products:

First, we should cultivate the ecological operation of Dehui 2.0, that is, "wholesale + retail + cultural tourism + community + good thing antenna store in Xinjiang", and develop and operate Dehui 3.0, that is, "20,000 Chinese-foreign cooperative Applied Technology University + campus residential recreation + industrial incubator Park + 1600 guest rooms, China's largest marine ecological Hotel + 5 fishermen's code". The development and operation of Touhe Binhai Commercial Street+Binhai Quality Community=North Shanghai-Maritime International Eco-City;

Second, take the social responsibility of industry poverty alleviation, do a good job in the development and operation of Xinjiang's eco-industrial chain of good products, strictly select good products, use block chain technology to trace the whole process, empower products through literary creation, planning and storytelling, relying on the international and domestic advantages of 206 special lines of international logistics parks, grafting 900 APPs, small procedures and in Beishengguang. Collaboration community, to fully open up the supply and marketing channels and broad market of good things in Xinjiang, help the poor people in southern Xinjiang get out of poverty and become rich, fully tap the advantages of industries in Xinjiang, let good things in Xinjiang enter tens of millions of families in the country.

Thirdly, taking the integration of industry and education as the leading factor, introducing high-quality resources at home and abroad, and carefully running applied technology universities to provide technical and talent support for regional industrial upgrading and high-quality development.

Virtue gathers all over the world to create a win-win future. Dehui will always adhere to people-oriented, win by organizational ability, implement the partnership mechanism in an all-round way, highlight the concept of "the same aspirations, the same road; give the stage, see the performance; shape people, high returns" and build up a customer convergence, talent convergence, resource convergence, industry convergence highland, and walk in the forefront of the times, with a hundred achievements. Year Enterprise!