Job application

Structural Designer

1. Organize relevant units and departments to complete professional design plans for structures and buildings according to the requirements of the progress plan;
2. Participate in the examination of structural design drawings in project plan, preliminary design and construction drawing stages, and put forward corresponding suggestions for modification and optimization.
3. Leading design units to design, coordinate and solve the problems of joint of various specialties, to connect with relevant departments such as engineering department, to take charge of structural specialty work in major design changes, and to cooperate with other specialty design changes;
4. Make a first-line meeting at the scene and solve the existing structural and technical problems, so as to ensure the smooth development of the work of relevant departments such as engineering, cost, etc.
5. To optimize and upgrade the professional design of structure in the process of project development so as to reasonably control the construction cost of the project under the condition of ensuring safety;
6. Be responsible for formulating the standard format model of the tender documents and contracts of the company's construction drawings and designs (technical part);
7. Responsible for the research of products and processing factories for the important materials of structural specialty, and complete the selection work.
8. Participate in the supervision of project construction quality and the acceptance of phased results.
Conditions of service:
1. Full-time Bachelor degree, major in civil engineering or structural engineering;
2. Structural design experience of formal design institute and real estate experience of Party A;
3. Proficiency in structural computing software, SAT 2000, CAD, PPT, structural modeling software, BIM, REVIT, priority.

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