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"Huixing Freshmen Program" is an internship recruitment program for the most potential quasi-graduates in Dehui China. It is also a strategic reserve for Dehui talents and an important measure for the introduction and training of talents in Dehui Group.

We have carefully prepared a rich practical training program for foreign exchange freshmen:
Centralized Training and Teaching Opening Ceremony, Workplace Training Course, Professional System Course and Experience Exchange Meeting
Teachers'Careful Teaching: Strict Selection of Business Backbone, Teachers' One-to-One Teaching, Continuous Practice Log and Work Plan Tracking, Challenging Work Practical Training, Independent Work Task Pack < br/> Enrichment and expansion of activities-geek sharing, talent book sharing, morning/night running, city map drawing, excellent corporate culture guidance, colorful group building activities, high-end project visits
Conversion of Business Terms and Professional Statements: Business Termination Defense, Pass Card at the End of Autumn Recruitment, Early Approval of Offer