• 2019

    Stride forward
    Development and operation of an international coastal eco-city integrating production and education, business, culture, tourism, health and quality communities

  • 2018

    New Urban Complex
    Dehui's first "oil-electricity hybrid" new business model successfully landed

  • 2017

    Keep moving forward
    Invest 38 million yuan to build the first city intelligence business circle in Western China

  • 2015

    Rongcheng, Xingxing City
    Build the first light assets cooperation project of Wanda in China, "Dehui Wanda Plaza"

  • 2012

    Intelligent Logistics
    Investment in 4200 Mu Intelligent Logistics Trade City, the National 135 Key Project

  • 2009

    Maternal and Child Industry
    Build Dehui Baby Plaza, Xinjiang's largest industrial platform for mothers, babies and children

  • 2008

    Disaster relief and reconstruction
    1.1 billion yuan in direct economic losses from terrorist arson

  • 2007

    Layout East
    Distribution of Qidong Special Town, Opening the Road of Industrial Operation of Integration of Production and City

  • 2006

    Initiation in the West
    Build the first 100,000 square meters garment industry complex in Western China

  • 2003

    Professional Concentration
    Establishment of the largest single-unit specialized market road in Northwest China

  • 2001

    First leap
    "Industrial Xingcheng, Industrial Xingbang" Dehui Group's total assets amounted to 320 million

  • 1993

    Deep cultivation of Commerce and trade
    Establishment of Business Administration Company to Enter Business and Trade Industry Operation

  • 1985

    Creating German Exchange
    The founder started his business from the east to the Northwest with 300 yuan in his pocket